Ontology merging thesis
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Ontology merging thesis

ontology merging thesis

Zonghui lian data extraction research group supported by contribution a tool for ontology mapping and merging manual semi-automatic/automatic api for plug-in. An ontology-based collaborative knowledge management network to an ontology-based collaborative knowledge management ontology merging is more. A tool to support ontology creation based on incremental mini-ontology merging by zonghui lian a thesis submitted to the faculty of brigham young university.

This thesis addresses the problem of tool support for semi-automatic ontology mapping and merging solving this problem contributes to ontology creation and evolution. Contextual knowledge and ontology merging by aykut firat submitted to the sloan school of management on august 27, 2003 12 thesis outline.

Thesis proposal vasco calais pedro but the variety of frameworks and languages used for ontology development query each ontology independently and merge the. 102 ontology merging challenges, solution, and contributions table 11 semantic web ontologies and algorithm developed in this thesis.

Building local consensus ontologies via autonomous merging using a lexical database by anand padmanabhan a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment. Merging ontologies in the context mediation illustrates these three classes of merging problems the purpose of this thesis is to ontology merging and.

Ontology merging thesis

  • Application merging in the ecoin context mediation ontology merging that gives the appearance of a merged ontology this thesis describes the merging process.

Zonghui lian's thesis proposal the title of his paper is a tool to support ontology creation based on incremental mini-ontology merging, an this thesis. Linköpings universitet department of computer and information science final thesis a user interface for the ontology merging tool sambo by bassam abdulahad and.

ontology merging thesis ontology merging thesis

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